The Glenarden Track Club was initially organized as the Dellwood Avenue Striders in the summer of 1983. Its founding members were Larry Colbert, Lamont Seller, Ernest Kinard, and Shannon Marshall. By 1987, the club had grown in membership and had established its reputation of helping youth find fulfillment in track and field. At this time the club known as the Dellwood Avenue Striders became the Glenarden Track Club.

Message to Our Athlete

On December 21, 2003, the Glenarden Track Club celebrated its 20th anniversary. Two thousand four starts our 21st year of “Keeping Our Youth On The Right Track”. This would have not been possible without the hard work and dedication of our parents, coaches, administrative staff, the community, and most of all our fine group of athletes.

Over the years our track team and its coaching staff has received numerous accolades on and off the track. In competitions worldwide, our members have completed successfully at the Athletic Congress, the National Junior Olympics, Penn Relays, Olympic Trials and many more. The athletes have early exposure to college life as a result of traveling to USA Track and Field regional and national meets all over the United States.

We welcome all of our new and former athletes for another successful year of competition, as we strive to live up to our motto “Keeping Youth On The Right Track”.

God Bless,

Larry I. Colbert,

President & Founder

Glenarden Track Club

The Coaches

The Glenarden Track Club has a diversely talented and trained coaching staff. Many of our coaches have aquired years of experience in the areas of sprinting, middle/long distance running, jumping, and throwing. Coaches of the Glenarden Track Club have received certification as coaches and officials through USA Track and Field.

The Coaching Staff of Glenarden Track Club

Victoria Adams
Donna Barrett
Phillip Barrett Jr
Phillip Barrett Sr
Anthony Battle
Elenora   Battle
William Battle
Dorsey Bobo
Frances Brown
Crystal Carr
 Larry Colbert Jr
Larry Colbert Sr
Garry Crawford
Carmilla Davis
Steven   Engram
 Melvin Fields
Clarence Franklin
Nicole Garrett
 Jonathan Glass
Elgin Gordon
Kelly Hamilton
Kenneth Harris
Donald Harrison
Raymond   Henson
Charmene Johnson
Derrick   Johnson
Tom Jones
Mark Landry Sr
Ellis Martin
Henry McCallum Jr
Andre McCollough
Joy Parker
Rickard Perry
John Pettis
Nicole Prather
Eric   Rountree
Mary Wilkins
Brian Willis
Jaminah Wortham