Track Meet Essentials

In order that our athletes perform their best, we (parents) must provide them with the proper fuel to start their engines. This means giving them a good breakfast (example: pancakes/waffles, NO meat/eggs/dairy) before coming to the field; and furnish nutritional foods to eat during the meet. Once he/she is finished their events for the day, they can enjoy a heavier meal.

Listed below are suggested items to keep in mind when preparing for those long track meets. If you are seasoned veteran, you probably already know what to bring, but some first time parents may need a few ideas.

Water Umbrella Portable Chair Books
Sports drink Blanket Pillow Puzzles
Fruit Tent Insect repellant Games
Pretzels Sun block Cooler Cards
Bagels Light jacket Seat Cushion HOMEWORK
Low fat pastry Allergy medicine Blanket Board Games
Trail mix Poncho
Orange Slices Hat (sun/rain)
Crackers Socks (extra)



- Arrive at the meet location 1 (one) hour before the meet is scheduled to start. This allows the athletes time to get a rub down and warm up before the meet begins.
- Put your child’s name on all pieces of track equipment (e.g. clothing, shoes, bag, etc.)
- You can expect to be outside in various weather conditions from 8:00 am until as late as 8 or 9:00 pm. Bring items that will allow you and your child to be comfortable for the time period.
- Do not allow your child to drink sodas the day of a meet.
- On hot/sunny days keep your child out of the sun as much as possible, this will help reserve that much needed energy for their race or field event.
- Tents that are put up by the coaches are primarily for the athletes; parents make sure the athletes are sheltered first.
- Athletes need to keep their sweats (pants) on, when they are not performing their event, to keep their muscles warm. This will help prevent injuries (enhances their performance).

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