GATC Parent Booster Club

The Parent Booster Club would like to welcome all NEW additions to our family and to welcome back RETURNING members of our family. In addition to welcoming everyone to the family for another fun-filled season, we will soon announce our fundraiser kick off.

Below are a few key items that we feel may help all NEW parents to transition into this family commitment. Take a look:

1. Appropriate attire – As you all know, it has still been relatively chilly during the past week or so. We ask that the parents ensure that their child(ren) are dressed appropriately. Please be certain that your child(ren) have on layered clothing, which may consists of more than one (1) pair of pants underneath their sweats. It may also include, but is not limited to, a long-sleeved shirt underneath a sweatshirt. That’s only if/when you deem it necessary. If it is unseasonably cool, please make sure that your children have a hat or some type of protective wear on their heads. In addition to the clothing as it relates to the weather, you should ensure that your children have on the appropriate footwear (NO BASKETBALL SHOES), please. We ask that you equip your child(ren) with the appropriate running shoes to protect their feet. During practices, your children may wear whatever color socks they desire. Once the season begins, it is WHITE socks only. No athlete will be allowed to run in colored and/or designed socks. Be advised.

2. Appropriate behavior – While your athlete is participating in any track meets, donning GATC apparel they are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. At any time there may be someone other than a coach or officer of the Parent Booster Club that may address your athlete with regards to the type of behavior that they display. This is not an attempt to “parent” your child but to simply make them aware of their surroundings and the positive image that GATC would have their athletes’ exhibit. At no time should you ever hear anyone speak to your child inappropriately. At the same time, we would ask that if you must reprimand your child that you do so with the same respect that you would have your child exhibit toward anyone else.

3. Demands on the family – The decision that you made to become a part of the GATC family is one of great commitment. This is not a decision that should be taken into lightly. Although this is a time where your athlete(s) is looking to have fun and make new friends, it is a time where they will be taught skills and hard work will be expected of them. As mentioned during the meeting, a commitment to track is just like agreeing to participate in a family picnic every weekend.

4. Necessary food/drink – During the season, you should ensure that your athlete is drinking the necessary water that is necessary for the body to remain hydrated. Once the first official meet of the season begins then it requires additional work to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. There should be no athlete that consumes a heavy meal prior to the start of an event. Please be mindful of their intake because we would hate for a child to get sick on the track. For suggestions on the types of food your athlete should have visit the web site and click the link for TRACK MEET ESSENTIALS. Please be sure that your child partakes of some sustenance prior to the start of the meet on Saturdays.

5. Dissatisfaction with selected events – If you find that you are not at all pleased with the events that your athlete has been chosen to run, please DO NOT take time during the meet to convey your displeasure with the coach(es). They will be more than happy to listen to your concerns before/after practices. In addition, not every child will be selected to participate on a relay team. But, if your child is selected we ask that if at any time your personal schedule conflicts with a meet schedule…let the coaches know. You should not feel undue pressure in the event you must miss a track meet.

6. Telephone Tree – During last season we mentioned instituting a phone tree to assist with minimizing the amount of calls that are made by the coaching staff. This tree will consist of at least 10 families, per group. If there is any information that should be conveyed quickly, then depending upon the number of groups, 1 or 2 calls will be made (per group) to provide the necessary information. Please provide Michelle Germany or Michelle Walker with your name and the best number to reach you. Additional details will follow.

7. Fundraising Suggestions – If you have any additional fundraising ideas that you believe will serve the needs of the GATC, please pass on any information to Michelle Walker, Tia Prince, Faye Howell or Kelly Hamilton.

8. Volunteers – The GATC Invitational will be held on the 2nd weekend of May. We are in need of parent/high-school/college aged volunteers to assist with: seasoning food, preparing/cooking food, selling food, set-up, clean-up, etc. If you are interested, please see any member of the Parent Booster Club for the necessary forms.

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